Our Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Beth Polidoro

Beth Polidoro is an Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Marine Conservation in ASU’s School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences. She is also an Associate Director at ASU’s Center for Biodiversity Outcomes. She is Co-Chair of the IUCN SSC Marine Fishes Red List Authority, and a member of the IUCN SSC Marine Conservation Committee. Her primary research interests are in risk assessment and applied toxicology within the context of marine and freshwater biodiversity conservation, human health, and sustainable development.

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Lab Manager (currently vacant)

Cassandra (Cassie) Clement

Our lab manager position is currently vacant, with plans to hire a new person in 2023. Prior to 2022, Cassie Clement managed the SWAT Lab for more than 5 years. She graduated from ASU’s New College with a B.S. in Biology in December 2015. Her expertise is in GCMS spectral analyses, method development and project management. Although it is difficult to get a picture of her (she really does not like them), her hard work, high ethics and team spirit really drove our team’s productivity over the past several years. Cassie has moved on to a lab director position in the environmental industry, and will be greatly missed!

Students and Alumni

Meet the students who are in the field, in lab coats, crunching numbers, or researching policy, legislation, and regulations.